Rumble Newsletters 2023 - 2024

Rumble Museum's Explore your BRAIN Sixth Form Conference, 12th March, 2024
Rumble Newsletter #66 31/01/2024

Our Rumble Brain Season continues with exciting talks, visits and events. You can read about yesterday's visit with Year Twelves to the Wellcome Institute of Neuroimaging, and there is a reminder of our forthcoming Amazing Brain Festival on Tuesday 20th February, 3.45 - 6pm, featuring stalls, activities, an exhibition and giant walking dinosaurs. You can also find out about our recent donations to the museum, which range from a Russian abacus to an ostrich egg.

Rumble Newsletter #65 22/01/2024

In this week's newsletter, find out how the Rumble Brain Season is kicking off with a range of exciting talks, events and projects. You can read about our first Brain Breakfast Talk and our forthcoming Amazing Brain Festival on Tuesday 20th February, 3.45 - 6pm, featuring stalls, activities, an exhibition and giant walking dinosaurs! Finally, you can find out about the brand new tree trail signs which our 8* Museum Council are working on, thanks to a generous grant from the Trust for Oxfordshire's Environment.

Rumble Newsletter #64 14/12/2023

This week, you can find out more about the eight beautiful mosaic dragonflies which we've now installed onto the Ford Block entrance walls. You can also read about our final Museum Project visit of term to the Oxford Castle, and see our new Saxon items, including a mill and a house model, which we hope to be using in lessons very soon.

Rumble Newsletter #63 6/12/2023

This week, you can see a beautiful lantern slides projector which is now part of our Technology through Time collection, and will soon be on display in front reception. You can read about a recent visit with Year Nine Museum Project students to Modern Art Oxford, and finally you can hear about our most recent Astronomy Breakfast Talk on whether there might be life elsewhere in the universe!

Rumble Newsletter #62 29/11/2023

This week, you can find out about a joint plants and medicine workshop between Museum Council students and students in two South African schools, where students are working on a large mural which will be on display at the University of Oxford when finished. You can also find out how our Technology through Time call for donations is going, and hear about a range of lace-making artefacts which have been recently donated to our collections. Watch this space for related projects!

Rumble Newsletter #61 22/11/2023

This week, see some of the beautiful mosaic dragonflies which have begun to land on Cheney walls, find out about our visit to the Creative Destruction Lab with Year Twelves, and our behind-the-scenes workshops and tours at the Weston Library and Pitt Rivers Museum with Year Nine Museum Project students.

Rumble Newsletter #60 15/11/2023

This week, find out about our first breakfast talk with Professor Matt Jarvis on galaxies, an amazing Natural Dyes workshop at the Ashmolean for our Museum Council students, and a Myth and Voice workshop with Classical Civilisation students exploring the stories and experiences of Trojan women after the fall of Troy using immersive experience techniques.

Rumble Newsletter #59 8/11/2023

In this week's Rumble newsletter, you can find out about our Stargazing Event on 19th December, read about yesterday's trip to the Story Museum with our Museum Project students, and there is also a reminder of our Technology through Time project, for which we are actively seeking donations and loans of technological items!

Rumble Newsletter #58 1/11/2023

In this week's newsletter, you can find out about how Labyrinth Fest went, explore our new Astronomy Season, which includes our Stargazing Event on 19th December, and read about yesterday's trip to the Pollution Pods with our Museum Project students.

Rumble Newsletter #57 18/10/2023

We have other news to come, but this week, the newsletter is focussed on our imminent Labyrinth Festival this Friday 20th October, 3.45 - 5.30pm. Over twenty different activity stalls, plus an owls and fire show display, will be available to explore and enjoy, exploring labyrinths through the ages, with a particular presence of Jim Henson's Labyrinth!
It will be wonderful to see some of you there.

Rumble Newsletter #56  11/10/2023

Find out about our exciting new guest at our Labyrinth Festival on Friday 20th October, 3.45 - 5.30pm, a recent talk by the curator of the Ashmolean's recent Knossos Exhibition, and a reminder of our call for Technology artefacts - if you have any old computers, phones, musical equipment or other items that you would be happy to donate or loan just let us know!

Rumble Newsletter #55  04/10/2023

In this week's Rumble newsletter, find out about how the Labyrinth Season Breakfast Talks have kicked off, how the Year Nines are seeing behind the scenes at more museums, and a call for technology items for an exciting new project with History of Science Museum.

Rumble Newsletter #54  25/09/2023

In these three September editions of the Rumble newsletter, find out all about our Labyrinth Season of displays, projects, workshops and talks, and also our Labyrinth Festival! Also, read about our latest trips and donations to the museum.

Rumble Museum Newsletters 2022 - 2023

Rumble Newsletter #53 10/05/2023

In our latest edition of Rumble news, find out about the launch of our Utopia Season with Professor Danny Dorling, and our new utopia display in reception. You can also read about a recent trip to the History of Science museum where our museum council chose objects for the Climate Hope trail, and a shadowbox puppetry workshop connected to an exciting new play at the Old Fire Station about ancient fragments of texts!

You can also find out about our latest classics centre blackboard design, and the new classics cafe we are launching next month. Finally, there is an invitation and more information about our Museum Project Presentation Evening on 23rd June, where you can hear students present their research on a very wide range of aspects of museums.

Rumble Newsletter#52 26/04/2023

In our first newsletter of the new term, find out about our Utopia Season of events, talks, projects, displays and more! You can also see how our Earth Day Exhibition and Activities went, and read about a Sixth Form Assembly on the Museum of Climate Hope, a project involving the six University Museums plus the Rumble Museum and creating a digital trail of objects.

Rumble Newsletter #51 30/03/2022

In our final newsletter of term, you can hear more about our various nature-themed projects, including a Year Eight Museum Council trip to the Botanic Gardens to choose plants for the Climate Hope trail, and beautiful Wood Farm primary school artwork inspired by our British Butterflies Collection!

In other news, Year Nines get behind-the-scenes at the Knossos excavation at the Ashmolean's exciting new exhibition, and Year Twelves and Thirteens speak to museum staff about careers and roles in museums as part of the Sixth Form Careers Event. Finally, there is a reminder of our Nature Stories competition!

Rumble Newsletter #50 15.03.2023

In this week's Rumble newsletter, find out all about the Rumble Sixth Form Conference, which included two keynote speakers (on space technology and climate), and twelve different organisations delivering workshops for the whole of Year Twelve. The conference included the opportunity to explore artefacts from visiting collections as well as using the Rumble Museum's own Albion Press, and students from other years were able to explore some of these artefacts at the end of the school day. You can also find out more about the Museum of Climate Hope project, which the Rumble Museum is proud to be working on with six university museum locations.

Rumble Newsletter #49 19.02.2023

In our latest newsletter, find out all about the Year Nine visit to the Science Fiction Exhibition in the Science Museum, where students saw Darth Vader's helmet from the famous films, and explored the importance of science fiction to everything from medical advances to environmental campaigns. There is also a brand new exhibition in Brighouse of the Infecting Minds Vaccine Project which 8* and Up classes took part in last term. Year Eights, Nines and Sixth Form took part in Manga Translation workshops with Polly Barton, translator in residence at the Translation Exchange. Finally, there is a reminder of the Rumble Protest Talks season and Protest Song Competition!

Rumble Newsletter #48 04.02.2023

In our last Rumble newsletter before half term, find out how our Protest Season talks are going, including a launch of a school wide competition to compose a protest song! You can also read 'Chaos in Knossos', a graphic novel written by Year Eight Latinists exploring the artefacts, gods and stories of ancient Crete. See some of our new Tudor handling collection which is being used in Year Seven History lessons, and find out about the Roman medicine workshops East Oxford Primary School have been taking part in at the Classics Centre with some of our artefacts.

Rumble Newsletter #47 25.01.2023

In this week's Rumble newsletter, find out how our first Protest Talk went, hear about the Museum Project's exploration of Headington Hill Tree Trail, and discover some printing artefacts in the front reception cabinet. You can also find out how our Year Nine Debating team got on at the Oxford Union, and the exciting day our Year Twelve girls had a the Oxford Creative Destruction Lab meeting business experts and biotech entrepreneurs. Finally a reminder of our forthcoming myth and climate event for ages 16+, and our Iris Project storybooks exploring myths around trees and plants!

Rumble Newsletter #46 11.01.2023

In our first Rumble newsletter of term, you can find out all about how our first primary school visits to Cheney have gone as part of our exciting Wild Escape Project. Have a look at our latest Classics Centre displays as part of a primordial myth season, hear about last term's musical myth performances, a forthcoming myth and voice community workshop, and the latest book in our Iris nature and myth storybook series. Finally, find out about our forthcoming series of Protest Breakfast talks, with seven different speakers and a range of fascinating and relevant topics.

Rumble Newsletter #45 07.12.2022

In our latest Rumble newsletter, Year Eight and Nine Museum students create riddles for Robbie the Robot at the Story Museum, 8* and Up create a pharmacy of the future in their final museum session of term, Year Sevens find out about an ancient Egyptian village and the gods, and students create text for a display of Lyra's coat from the BBC His Dark Materials series which will be in display soon at the Pitt Rivers Museum!

Rumble Newsletter #44 22.09.2022

It's a bumper Ancient Egypt-filled edition of the Rumble Newsletter. Explore our busy Egyptian gallery at Ashmolean's After Hours event on Friday, run by 27 Museum Council students!

You can read about our Year Seven Egyptian Breakfast talks, where they have been discovering more about hieroglyphs and playing Egyptian board games. We also have a front reception display of beautiful papyri to view.

We unveil our new Middle East cabinet in the Lane Building, curated by Sixth Form Historians, and our Year Nine Museum Project students get to do some printing at the Bodleian, and learn about the work of archivists and conservators at the Weston.

Rumble Newsletter #43 09.11.2022

It's Ancient Egypt Season at the Rumble Museum this term, and in our first bumper edition of Rumble news this term, you can find out all about the projects and talks taking place this term on the theme. You can also read about Dr Lennon Mhishi's visit to speak to sixth formers, see some photos from Year Nine trips to the Pitt Rivers and Bate Collection, and get a sneak preview of the Year Eight Latinists' Minoan-inspired graphic novel!

Finally, find out more about a museum workshop where Cheney students met virtually with students in a school in Afghanistan, and Year Eight History classes exploring some of our African artefacts in lessons.

Rumble Newsletter #42 19.10.2022

In this final newsletter of the term, read all about our plans to take part in a national museum project exploring nature collections, The Great Escape, as well as a call to primaries be involved! Find out what plants 8* and Up explored and drew as part of their plants and medicine project, and hear about our planned ancient myth, plants, art and stories course as part of our Telling Tales in Nature series!

Finally, you can see the beautiful winning entries for the Ecofest Nature Challenge Competition - congratulations to Layla (Y9) and Leto (Y12) for these stunning photos, and to everyone who entered an image.

Rumble Newsletter #41 12.10.2022

In this week's edition of Rumble news, find out all about how our ecofestival went, which was brimful of environmental stalls, ideas, information, crafts, delicious food and fun! You can find out what 8* and 8Up have been up to with their vaccine project this week, and read about A Level Historians meeting Rana Ibrahim, founder of Iraqi Women: Art and War, who visited to help us explore our Middle East artefacts. Finally, find out how our Rumble Tube Map 'stations' are growing in number, and our urban transport breakfast talk series too!

Rumble Newsletter #40 05.10.2022

In this newsletter, find out all about 8* and 8Up's project to create a beautiful new vaccine display for the museum, and their first workshop with our objects and with artist Lizzie Burns. Our new Year Eight Museum Council explores Tutankhamun as they begin their first project together, and our Year Nine Museum Project students see a very old octopus and a very small horse fossil in an exciting behind-the-scenes visit to the Natural History Museum in Oxford.

Rumble Newsletter #39 28.09.2022

In this bumper edition of the Rumble newsletter, you can find out about NHS doctor, film-maker and climate activist Dr Adnan Raja who spoke to the whole sixth form last Friday as part of the Rumble Museum's climate season.

Read about our Museum Project students' visits to the Museum of Oxford and History of Science Museums, as they continue their journey exploring museums of all kinds, and see our brand new tube maps for buildings and tickets for travellers!

You can also have a peek at how our 80s displays are coming on, and read about an exciting Year Eight project to make graphic novels about Minoan artefacts with artist Lydia Hall!

Rumble Newsletter #38 15.09.2022

In this newsletter, you can find out how meeting Ai-Da the Robot went at the Weston Library, where over 700 visitors got to explore Cheney's A.I.-inspired artwork and creative writing, get more detail of our forthcoming Eco Festival and Film Screening, and also read about the new Year Nine Museum Project group's first museum trip of the year.

Rumble Newsletter #37 07.09.2022

In our first Rumble newsletter of the term, you can catch up with our very busy summer of installations and events. Find out about our new display cases in Lane, our brand new Rumble tube map, the arrival of a beautiful Victorian Printing Press and our sea-themed classics summer school! Also a reminder of our event with Ai-Da the robot this Saturday at the Weston Library!

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