As a school we are committed to creating well rounded young people that will leave school with skills for life. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an extra-curricular or extended curriculum programme that students can take part in to develop independence, teamwork and leadership. The Award requires commitment, determination and hard work.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award at Cheney School is run by a small committee of school staff members that volunteer their time to support our students.

Why do the Award?

Expectations of young people are higher now than ever before. That 'edge' when applying for university, higher education and jobs is what makes the difference. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award allows young people to develop and learn skills and attributes to use throughout life from within the classroom and beyond the school gates. The award provides young people with the opportunity to make friends and build new relationships with other pupils. This challenging, yet beneficial aware improves self confidence and encourages young people to become more independent before the next stages in life.

The Facts

90% of young people say doing DofE has given them more opportunities.

62% made a positive difference in their local community.

74% had better self-esteem once they had completed the aware.

74% of young people tried activities they would never have done before.

71% improved their self belief.

The 4 parts


Skills developed: communications, reliability, self-management and responsibility

Examples: school council, Brownies/Guides, Scouts, Sports Coaching

Physical Recreation (Sport)

Skills developed: Goal setting, perseverance, commitment, resilience, team work

Examples: Running, Rowing Club. Climbing


Skills developed: ???

Examples: ICT, Product Design, Cookers


Skills developed: Team work, problem solving, decision making under pressure