Dr Bown is our PSHE, Citizenship and Enrichment Lead.

Mr Daniels is the subject lead for PSHE, Citizenship and Enrichment.

Read on for more information about our PSHE, Relationships and Sex Education and Citizenship topics.

Personal Social Health and Employment (PSHE)

PSHE at Cheney is divided into four key themes which are explored in each year group. The curriculum has been *5  developed in line with the new government guidelines introduced in 2020, so it is contemporary, interesting and relevant. In each year group, students will cover sex and relationships education; health and wellbeing; risk management and personal attributes and careers. PSHE will be covered once a week during tutor time. Additionally, all Year 9 students are currently receiving an enrichment curriculum in which they will study a number of PSHE topics to prepare them for life outside of school.

Here is an overview of the PSHE topics that will be covered this year:


Term 1  Term 2  Term 3  Term 4  Term 5  Term 6 
7 Relationships (Diversity) Sex Ed (Puberty) Healthy Lifestyles Personal Hygine (including FGM) Aspirations and Careers Personal Safety 
8 Relationships (discrimination) Sex Ed (Identity)  Drugs and Alcohol  Personal Hygine (including FGM) Aspirations and Careers Digital literacy 
9 Respectful relationships  Sex Ed (Intimate relationships) Drugs and Substances Mental Wellbeing Physical Wellbeing Online Presence and digital footprint 
10 Intimate relationships  Body Image  Addiction and Dependency  Mental Wellbeing Physical Wellbeing Online Presence and digital footprint 
11 Healthy relationships  Managing Stress Addiction and Dependency  Independence 

Enrichment / Citizenship: 

Term 1  Term 2  Term 3  Term 4  Term 5  Term 6 
7 Active Citizenship Sexting and Digital footprint
8 Rights Sexting and the Law 
9 Law  Personal finance  Careers - Next steps 
10 Politics  Sex Ed Careers
11 Politics  Sex Ed Active Citizenship Project






Puberty and emotional changes

Developing romantic feelings

Sexual Orientation

The facts of sex

The facts of sex

Puberty and emotional changes

Sexual orientation and gender identity

Gender identity

Contraceptive Methods

Contraceptive Methods

Romantic relationships

Respecting everyone’s identity

Homophobic bullying

Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections

Sex and Relationships

The influence of the media on romantic relationships

Intimate Relationships

The menstrual cycle and pregnancy

The menstrual cycle and pregnancy

Consent and Sex

Sending nude photos or sexting

Capacity to Consent

Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation

Applying Consent

Managing the Expectations of Others


The impact of pornography

The impact of pornography

Intimate and Sexual Relationships Topics 2023 2024

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

The statutory relationships and sex education (RSE) lessons will coverHealthy relationships, including friendships and intimate relationships; families; growing and changing, including  puberty; personal hygiene; changing feelings; becoming more independent; keeping safe and consent; developing self-esteem and confidence. 


RELATIONSHIPS Scheme Of Work 2023 2024







What is my identity?

What is discrimination?

Resolving Conflicts at Home

Stereotypes in relationships

How can personal values impact relationships?

What does it mean to live in a diverse society?

Understanding and tacking racism

Initiating Healthy Relationships

My values and relationship expectations

Assertive communication

Challenging Stereotypes and Discrimination

Understanding and tacking religious discrimination

Understanding features of healthy relationships

Conflict and compromise in relationships.

Managing relationship conflict and breakups

What are the signs and effects of bullying?

Understanding and tacking homophobia

Working on relationships


Relationship safety: Managing unwanted attention

How can I respond to bullying?

Understanding and tacking transphobia

Relationship changes and leaving safely

Understanding rape and sexual assult

Consent: Sharing sexual images

Supporting others

Disability based discrimination

Freedom and capacity to consent

‘Something’s not right’ abuse disclosure and support.

‘Something’s not right - reporting relationship abuse.

Response to Parental Survey on Relationship Lessons
KS3 Citizenship

In addition to PSHE, all KS3 students receive citizenship lessons in which they explore other issues that will help them to thrive in the modern world. Our current citizenship topics are:

Active citizenship (Y7)

Identity and values (Y7)

Rights and responsibilities (Y8)

The media (Y8)

The legal system (Y9)