The school motto is ‘think for yourself, act for others’, and this sums up Cheney’s ethos. We aim to educate a new generation of citizens who can view the world critically, make their own decisions, and act in a way that benefits the wider community, not just themselves. Rather than a list of bullet points or aspirations, we believe that our school motto sums up our ethos and our values.

Cheney is a genuinely comprehensive school, in the best sense of the term. The ideals of the comprehensive movement have been met in Cheney, in a way that is very rare. We serve a diverse community, which is fully representative of modern British society, and we value the breadth of our families’ backgrounds. Students who have been educated at Cheney School will be able to work alongside and interact with people of any background, which is an enormous advantage in the modern world.

Cheney's success is built on traditional values as well as progressive thinking. We have high expectations of all students and place very high value on making sure every student reaches their full potential. Academic excellence is the main focus of our work here at Cheney and many of our students go on to study at the best universities across the country. We believe in facilitating our students’ personal development by offering a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities as well as delivering excellent pastoral care to support them through their school life.