Homework is a key aspect of education, and is used for extending student’s knowledge, completing work begun in subject lessons during the school day, preparing for future lessons and supporting exam preparation and coursework.

Homework can take a variety of forms including:

  • Reading
  • Research
  • Revising
  • Learning vocabulary and spelling
  • Completing or continuing coursework
  • Doing corrections following feedback from the teacher
  • Written work
  • An extended piece of work to be completed over several weeks
  • Encourage your child to read as much and as often as possible
  • If possible, provide a quiet place for your child to complete their homework
  • Have spare pens, pencils available
  • We use Show My Homework to record and share students’ homework. Please follow the link on our homepage to see homework set and filter by year group, subject and teacher. Parents and students will also be given passwords which enable them to access an automatically filtered homework calendar. Please support your child by checking what homework has been set Encourage them to complete the work on the night that the task is set, rather that leaving it until the day it is due in.  A little and often approach to homework helps manage the workload so your child doesn’t get behind.