Homework is a key aspect of education, and is used for extending student’s knowledge, completing work begun in subject lessons during the school day, preparing for future lessons and supporting exam preparation and coursework.

Homework can take a variety of forms including:

  • Reading
  • Research
  • Revising
  • Learning vocabulary and spelling
  • Completing or continuing coursework
  • Doing corrections following feedback from the teacher
  • Written work
  • An extended piece of work to be completed over several weeks
  • Encourage your child to read as much and as often as possible
  • If possible, provide a quiet place for your child to complete their homework
  • Have spare pens, pencils available
  • From September 2021, we will no longer be using Show My Homework to set homework for our students. This is because we are now using Googleclassroom for all classes and it could be confusing to have two different ways of setting and sharing work and resources. Instead, teachers will set homework on their Googleclassrooms using the Classwork/ Assignment/ Set Assignment option. They will always use the word “Homework” at the start of the title so that students are very clear that this is a Homework task.
    Teachers’ written instructions will explain if the Homework needs to be handed in online OR written in exercise books OR completed in a different way. Not all homework is written work and our Homework Policy provides more detail about how often homework is set and the kinds of tasks students can expect. Every Homework task will be set on Googleclassroom, even if it’s not a written task.
    Further instructions about how to use Googleclassroom and access Homework can be found under 'Online Learning'.