Sixth Form Team

Head of Sixth Form

Ms Kate Hackett
Telephone - 01865 759277

Pastoral Leader
sarah warbrick 1 cropped

Ms Sarah Warbrick
Telephone - 01865 755306

Pastoral Assistant

Jacqui Dearden
Telephone - 01865 759276

Sixth Form Mentoring

Dr Catherine Casson -
Mrs Lucy Payne -

We have a small team of Sixth Form mentors who work with students to develop their study skills, including personal organisation, revision skills and note-taking. Students are recommended for a short program of weekly one-to-one mentoring sessions, with the aim of building students’ independent learning skills.

Sixth Form Super Tutors

Next Steps: Mr David Gimson - 01865 759275 and Miss Victoria Berry -

Learning to Learn:  Mr Gareth Richards -

Leadership and Volunteering:  Ms Zaiba Patel -

Mental Health and Wellbeing:
Miss Victoria Berry -

Contemporary Issues:
Ms Phoebe Mortimer -

"We have a much more mature relationship with our teachers. Cheney Sixth Form is a fantastic, unique experience which offers lots of opportunities for students to develop their interests." Year 12 Student

Students see their Super Tutor for an hour lesson once per week, and are delivered a varied and rich extended curriculum, devised by the Super Tutor team. Areas of focus are:

  • UCAS and Next Steps
  • Volunteering & Leadership
  • Study Skills
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Contemporary Issues

In addition, students attend an Assembly every two weeks, where we cover relevant issues, invite speakers and do team building and group activities. This year we have had sessions from Matthew Snape (Oxford Vaccine Group), Alastair Campbell, Chris Cullen (Oxford Mindfulness Centre), and have run ‘Student Voice’ sessions on how to improve our Sixth Form. Future plans include sessions by Robert Winston, Nick Eyre and Helen Lewis, Guardian Journalist and feminist historian.

Pastoral Support

Ms Sarah Warbrick -  - telephone - 01865 755306

Ms Jacqui Dearden -  - telephone - 01865 759276

Our students are at the heart of what we do, and there is a range of support available to students should they need it. Sarah Warbrick and Jacqui Dearden are based in the Sixth Form Office and look after attendance and any day-to-day issues that the students are facing. Our school nurse, Caroline Smith, is also available to help students with any medical issues and we have a counselling service available to which we can refer students for in-school support.

We also work closely with other external agencies, like CAMHS, the Mental Health Support Team and our local Community Support Officer, to ensure that students and their families are supported to ensure the best possible progress.


We believe strongly that our Sixth Formers are key to a robust and empowering culture and we encourage all our Sixth Formers to volunteer throughout the school. All Year 12s support the younger years with a literacy session on Thursday morning, and students also have the opportunity to work in Pam’s Diner, work as classroom assistants or be mentors for the younger students, for example.

Cheney Sixth Form Attendance


Students, please email before 8:30 each morning of your absence.

Copy your teachers and parents into the email.

A parent will need to confirm they are aware of this absence.

  • Illness to be reported before 8.30am, copying the teachers whose lessons you will miss.
  • Illness during the school day Report to the Sixth Form Office before you leave. They will inform your teachers and parents or guardians.
  • Medical appointments Notify the Sixth Form Office ahead of the appointment. In case of emergency appointments, please phone in and bring evidence in on your return, as with illness.
  • Planned absence (e.g. open days, summer schools) Complete a form to be authorised by the Sixth Form Team.

In all cases, make sure you contact your teachers at the earliest opportunity to collect any work you need to catch up on.

Cheney Sixth Form
Phone: 01865 755306