For absences and Year Teams see below.

Parents and members of the public may  contact Hugh Nelson, curriculum lead, via our Office - if they would like further information on the school curriculum.

"The staff are friendly and approachable and deal effectively with concerns" - Parental quote to Ofsted, March 2018

We have changed our system for reporting absence.  If you know your son or daughter is going to be absent please use one of the following methods to inform us:

If leaving a telephone or email message please include the following information

  • The name, form and year group of your child
  • Your name and contact details
  • Reason for absence
  • Expected date of return
  • Please inform us for each day of absence

Please note that we are no longer asking you to contact year teams.  Please  ‘favourite’ the google form on your web browser or mobile phone and take a note of Mr Hawkswood’s contact details.  We think the Google Form will be the easiest way for parents to report absence.

Year Teams 2020-2021

Year 7

Head of Student Progress: Tom Stacey - 01865 765726 x 313

Pastoral Leader: Rachael Clear - - 01865 765726

Year 8

Head of Student Progress: Tom Haines- 01865 755256

Year 9

Head of Student Progress: Andrew Olubodun - – 01865 755271

Pastoral Leader: Lee Fieldwick - 01865 765726 x 202

Year 10

Head of Student Progress: Manjula Pillay-Sayers - – 01865 765726 x 278

Pastoral Leader: Ann Blair - - 01865 765726 x 272

Year 11

Head of Student Progress: Andy Ransome - – 01865 765726 x 236

Pastoral Leader: Pauline O'Donnell – – 01865 765726 x 238

Sixth Form

Head of Student Progress:  Kate Hackett - 01865 759277

Pastoral Leader: Sarah Warbrick - 01865 755306