Certificates are issued when a GCSE/A-Level/BTEC/National course has been completed in full. Certificates are not issued where a 'U' grade is awarded. Each Awarding Body issues their own certificates once all reviews of results have been completed, which is usually a couple of months after the results day. We are legally obliged to hold these certificates only for 12 months after issue.

Certificates for exams taken in the summer will be available for collection from mid-November each year. Download the CERTIFICATE COLLECTION letter for Leavers 2019.

Certificates for leavers from past years can also be collected from the school, or posted for a small fee. Download the certificate collection form for prior years leavers.

Certificates collected by candidates cannot be replaced by the school. It is the candidates' responsibility to request replacement documents directly from the Awarding Body. There is a charge of approximately £45 per certificate. You may find useful information on how to request replacement certificates here or click below ‘AQA Exam Records’.


Exam Entries GCSE/A-Level/BTEC

GCSE and A-Level exams are held in May and June for most subjects. The October/November season is open for internal students only. We offer BTEC retakes for some courses in January. Entry forms for retakes in January (BTEC) and June (all qualifications) are now updated for the new academic year.

Exam Entry Form:

Exam Timetables

Please see above for the Summer 2020 Exams Timetable.

The timetable for the March mock exams can be found here:

March Mock Exams Timetable

In 2020 the summer exams contingency day is Wednesday 24 June. This means that all exam candidates must be available to sit exams from the date of their first exam up to and including Wednesday 24 June 2020. This decision is not a school decision and applies to all students in all schools.

When planning for holidays, bear in mind that candidates are not eligible for enhanced grading where they choose not to be available for the rescheduled examination(s).

Individual timetables are handed out to students with the date of their external/public exams. For the summer exams a 'Statement of Entry' is also sent out, to show all units (including non-timetabled units) and subject awards for which a student is entered. This entry information needs to be checked carefully by students and parents/guardians, then signed and returned to the exams office.

Exam Clashes: If you appear to be scheduled for two or more exams in the same session (am or pm) this is known as a 'clash' . If you have a clash, please come to the exams office to make specific arrangements.


We use four main Examination Boards (also called Awarding Bodies) - AQAPearsonOCR and WJEC. All Exam Boards have websites where students and parents can find information on courses, assessment material, past papers, exam timetables and grade boundaries.

Please see EXAM CODES 2019-20 by board for the Exam Boards and course codes used at Cheney School

There are  coursework/practical exams/NEA called Controlled Assessments or Non-exam assessments in several subjects. Dates for these exams are set by teachers during the academic year and communicated to students in lessons.

BTECs: BTEC courses are assessed through a combination of internal assessment and externally assessed components. All dates will appear on your student timetable, internal assessment deadlines are set by the teachers.


Exam results are released throughout the year following each exam series:

November (resit only) - results day in January

June exams - results days in August, collection from the Library:

  • A-Level/BTEC: 13 August 2020 from 9.30/10.30 am to 12.00
  • GCSE: 20 August 2020 from 9:30/10:30 am to 12.00

We advise all students to pick up their results from the school on results days. Should a student be unable to come to school, they can use the results collection form to either have their results emailed to them or picked up by a representative they nominate in the form.

The person collecting must bring the form and photo-ID for themselves.

Please note that no results are handed out over the phone.

Post Results Services

When results are released the Exam Boards allow a few weeks for students or teachers to request 'Reviews of Results' (RoR) and 'Access to Scripts' (ATS). Post Results Services incur a charge which students usually have to cover. Before submitting a request for a review of marking, please be aware that awarded grades can go up as well as down, or remain the same. All requests must be submitted through the Exams Office at Cheney School.

Please see Post Results Services Request Form, GCE table of fees 2019, BTEC table of fees 2019, GCSE table of fees 2019  for June 19 exams.


Some students may require additional support when taking their exams. For further information on the support systems in place to help students, click here and see information for candidates below.