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Cheney Friends are leading a campaign to raise fund to improve outside spaces around the school site. Students, staff and parents are all involved in developing ideas for improving Cheney's outdoor spaces to create more places to sit, socialise and play. We want to ensure the site is as biodiverse as possible and offers opportunities for students to connect with and learn about nature.

We estimate that the first phase of the project will cost £100, 000. Our aim is to raise £50,000. The school will match all donations made by parents to this level. All money raised will be used to help improve the school's environment for students and wildlife.

The priorities for 2022 include:

  • Increasing the amount of covered and uncovered seating available to students. We have already raised enough to buy some outdoor seating made of recycled plastic.
  • Additional planting in existing flower beds and new planters to improve the environment for students and wildlife.

winning designs from brookes' architecture students

The Greening Cheney collaboration with the Brookes' architecture students was a great success, and hopefully the first of many!
Here are the the two winning submissions: one for the playground picnic area and one for the sixth form area.
In the first, we particularly liked the sociable but separate seating arrangements, incorporating the existing trees, and the amphitheatre design softening the rather harsh edges of the current tarmac patch.
In the second, we appreciated that the designer took on board the practical need for covered seating in an area where there currently is none, and the “greening" of the look with planters and hanging baskets.
These plans will serve as “springboards" for the next steps in the Greening Cheney project. Note that we will not be able to replicate these designs entirely due to cost/practicality factors, but will aim to preserve their integrity as much as possible. At the very least, these pictures give a really good impression of what we hope the areas to look like in a year or so.
The next phase is to get a Landscape Architect in to further discuss and firm up the plans and costs, using these designs as our basis. At that point, we will have a clearer idea of the timescale, the area to be tackled first, and how much more we need to raise  - and we will communicate all this to you.
We really appreciate all contributions that have come in so far. Please do continue to donate: all your money will be going towards greener, more pleasant places round the school of the kind pictured above -   for your children to hang out, have lunch, do their revision; for teachers to have more opportunities for outdoor group work; for everyone working in the school to take pleasure in their physical environment.
Also are there any Cheney parents who have expertise in landscape architecture (planning or building) who might be able to help us with the next stage. If so, please contact the PTA chair, Flora Carnworth.


As part of the Greening Cheney project we have organised an exciting design competition with the Brookes University department of architecture.

Greening Cheney Competition

Donate to the Greening Cheney Campaign

Help us transform the inner courtyards of our school into lively green paces, designed to encourage friendship, wildlife and well-being.

If you would be keen to participate with our Greening Cheney project in any other way or have any enquiries about donations, email Flora Carnwath (Chair of Cheney PTA)