The literacy team provides targeted one to one literacy support for students who have difficulty with aspects of literacy acquisition. These difficulties may be highlighted by teachers, parents, SEND assessments, screening tests or by students themselves. The objective is to assist students to improve their overall reading ability and become independent readers. We provide short-term interventions for Key Stage 3 students and some long-term literacy support for selected students in Key Stage 4.

The interventions are, usually, the systematic teaching of phonics for reading and spelling which includes the use of a variety of multisensory activities. The students choose a book at the appropriate level and phonics work is built around that. However, as the interventions are designed with the individual's needs in mind, other intervention programmes are sometimes used; such as Toe by Toe, Read Write Inc, Rapid Readers and Alpha to Omega.

The purpose of the interventions is to enable the students to achieve accelerated progress in their reading or spelling: on average there is an increase in their reading or spelling age of two months for every month that has passed. While all students will progress at different rates, many of them progress significantly more quickly than this average.