Cheney School staff have high expectations of themselves: we aim to offer our students the very best in teaching and learning, excellence in extra-curricular activities and provide a range of opportunities for our students to excel, both academically and personally.

We also have high expectations of our students. We believe that all the young people who attend Cheney have the potential to achieve greatness. For this reason we have the highest expectations of student behaviour, presentation and attitude to learning. We ask that students always show respect to teaching staff, support staff and their peers.

"There is an organised, calm and positive ethos throughout the school..." Ofsted 2018

We expect all our students to wear their uniform proudly, to respect the school site and to behave considerately and appropriately at all times – whether that be in school, on school trips or on the journey to and from school. We speak daily to students about our expectations so that they understand what they are and, crucially, why they are important.

Our goal is that Cheney students come to have these expectations of themselves and can articulate their importance. We know that students who do this will live up to our motto: ‘Think for yourself, act for others.’

"Your whole school approach 'respect for all' ensures that relationships are strong between staff and pupils" - Ofsted 2018

Inappropriate behaviour is managed through our C system of warnings:

  • C1 and C2 give students the opportunity to improve their behaviour without having a consequence.
  • If a student continues to not meet expectations after a C2, they are given a C3 and an automatic 30 minute detention. 
  • If a student continues to misbehave they are given a C4, removed from the lesson and the detention is increased to 60 minutes. 

Detentions are set though our management information system which messages parents and carers automatically.  If a detention is awarded up to period 5, the student is expected to sit that detention on the same day.  If an incident happens during period 5, the detention will be set for the following day.  Friday detentions last 30 minutes; if an incident requiring a 60 minute detention happens on a Friday the detention will be set for the following Monday.

On occasions, if the incident requires it, a 60 minute detention may be set without a 30 minute sanction being set first.  More serious incidents might result in an internal exclusion, or a fixed term exclusion and the most serious incidents can lead to permanent exclusion.

The details of our approach to behaviour can be found in our Respect for Learning Policy which can be accessed through the link above.