This page is to report if your child is ABSENT FROM SCHOOL.  If your child has AN APPOINTMENT DURING THE SCHOOL DAY and needs to leave school, please notify your child's Year Team, rather than using the absence reporting form.
If your child is going to be late to school, please email the appropriate year team. If you are unable to do this, please email with the name, form and year group of your child, and your name and contact details. Your child will be asked to sign in on arrival. Students late to school receive a 30 minute detention unless there is an appropriate reason, communicated to the year team.

If you know your son or daughter is going to be absent for the whole day due to illness complete the Cheney School Student Absence Google Form.

Please note: completing this form does not automatically record information on Bromcom (our management information system); this form is read by staff and they will amend Bromcom as necessary. If your child's attendance is below 95%, this may not be marked as an approved absence and a conversation with the year team or medical evidence may be required.

We endeavour to process responses on this form as quickly as possible each morning, but you may receive a message saying your child is not in school before this has been processed. If you have completed this form, please ignore the message on this day.

Please inform us of each separate day of absence.

If your child has an appointment and will need to leave during the school day, please contact their Year Team who will give your child an exit note to leave through the School Reception at the appropriate time.

If your son or daughter is absent from school and we have not received notification we will endeavour to contact you. If we are unable to make contact with you on the second day of absence will conduct a home visit.  If this is unsuccessful we are duty bound to contact social services and the police of a child being missing from education.  Good communication between home and school prevents unnecessary worry and work for all of us.


Students, please email before 8:30 each morning of your absence.

Copy your teachers and parents into the email.

A parent will need to confirm they are aware of this absence.

  • Illness to be reported before 8.30am, copying the teachers whose lessons you will miss.
  • Illness during the school day Report to the Sixth Form Office before you leave. They will inform your teachers and parents or guardians.
  • Medical appointments Notify the Sixth Form Office ahead of the appointment. In case of emergency appointments, please phone in and bring evidence in on your return, as with illness.
  • Planned absence (e.g. open days, summer schools) Complete a form to be authorised by the Sixth Form Team.

In all cases, make sure you contact your teachers at the earliest opportunity to collect any work you need to catch up on.


It is really important that every student has good attendance and punctuality.   It is important to teach our students about the importance of being punctual and of attending school regularly as we prepare them for the world of work.  We expect all students to have an attendance record of 95% or better. Clearly we understand that some students will have ongoing issues for example long term medical concerns and we will work positively with you to support them if this is the case.

Please note that we will actively pursue low attendance with the use of penalty notices and where necessary prosecutions.  If your son or daughter has an absence rate of 5% or greater, which is not supported by documentation  authorising exemption, then each adult that has responsibility for a student’s attendance is at risk of prosecution.  As a rule Cheney School does not authorise extended holiday leave, and we issue fixed penalty notices when cases arise.  An example of a fixed penalty notice letter  for unauthorised holiday is included in the links below. Should you want to request an exceptional absence, please email the Headteacher explaining the reasons for your request. For further clarification, see the Blanket Holiday Warning letter below.

Please note that the school gates open at 8:00am and that tutor time starts promptly at 8:30 am.  Any student arriving after that time will be recorded as being late for school.

There is a clear link between success at school and a high level of attendance. Therefore unless your child is really too unwell to attend, in which case the best place for him or her is at home, please support the school by ensuring regular attendance at school. Attendance is linked to attainment and is key to your child’s success. Every day your child is absent impacts on their education. Last year, 97% students with attendance over 95% (missing fewer than ten days of school over the academic year) achieved 5 A* – C grades at GCSE. Of those whose attendance was below 90% (missing more than nineteen days of school over the academic year) only 54.5% achieved the same grades.


The message is equally important with punctuality.  The school day begins at 8.30am, the first bell is rung at 8.25am and all students should go to their classroom  at this time.

If a student arrives after the gate closes at 8:30 am, a mark of "L" for late is added to the system. If a student is late after 9am, late becomes a negative attendance mark "U", which shows them to be on site but late after registration has closed. This will not count as a present mark and they will have an unauthorised absence for the morning session (until period 5).

Students late to school receive a 30 minute detention unless there is an appropriate reason, communicated to the year team.

Over a year lateness leads to a loss of learning:

  • 5 minutes late each day = 3 days lost,
  • 10 minutes late each day = 6.5 days lost
  • 15 minutes late each day = 10 days lost
  • Inform the school immediately on first day of absence
  • After illness make sure your child makes a prompt return to school
  • Take holidays only during the school holiday periods
  • Make medical and dental appointments outside school time when possible
  • Monitor your child’s attendance closely
  • Establish good bedtime and morning routines
  • Prepare for the school day and pack bags the night before
  • Address any anxieties and concerns early.  Contact your Year Team for support

See our Attendance FAQs for more information.