Thinking about Cheney?

Each of our faculty teams have put together a short video to tell you a little bit about their subjects and what you can expect to learn in Year 7. Click on the subject buttons below to find out more.

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Cheney School Approach to the Curriculum

Cheney School offers a broad and balanced curriculum that includes a wide range of subjects at KS3. Each faculty's curriculum uses the National Curriculum as a starting point to ensure good coverage, relevance and quality experience. In Year 8 students are able to choose a second language. From 2021, students will begin GCSE/BTECs in Year 10. Current Year 9 students take GCSE/BTEC Options and Enrichment alongside their Core Subjects. Students take RE GCSE in Year 10 and the rest of their GCSE/BTECs in Year 11. At KS5, we offer a wide range of subjects.

To help support your child(ren)'s study we have given you an overview of each department as well as a list of the staff that teach that subject.

Please click here for a list of courses studied in Years 10 and 11.

For our BTEC Policies, see our Policies page.

Please click here to see a subject-by-subject, term-by-term breakdown of what each year group studies in each subject. Please note, this document is a work in progress.