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Mrs Fenton is our school librarian. She can tell you about the library service and the importance of reading at Cheney School.

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“The library makes me feel welcomed and comfortable”

Cheney Choice 2023/4

The 2023/24 Cheney Choice selection was launched on 31st October via an introductory film presented by Cheney Librarian, Mrs Fenton, shown to all students in years 8 and 9 in their English lessons. 

The Cheney Choice selection is a set of 4 books each for years 8 and 9 chosen by Mrs Fenton with the specific tastes of the readers at Cheney in mind. Once the books have been chosen, Ms Mortimer (KS3 English Lead) puts together a series of lessons based on the themes and content of each book. Each book also has an introductory film to entice the students to read the books themselves; every student who reads one of the books and writes a review receives 50 house points. 

The books themselves are diverse in nature, with cultural capital and readability at their heart. Each set includes a graphic novel and some historical fiction/fact. The year 8 selection includes a dyslexia-friendly title (Welcome To Camp Killer by Cynthia Murphy) and the year 9 selection has yet another brilliant title by Cheney favourite, Alex Wheatle. 

We will run a vote after Christmas with a view to announcing the Cheney favourite on World Book Day at the beginning of March 2024 and it is hoped to run some book discussion sessions if there is interest. 

This is the fourth year we have run the selection and previous titles have proved to be perennial favourites amongst students with younger students now rediscovering the titles for themselves. 

Further information can be found here:

Year 8 selection introductory presentation

Year 9 selection introductory presentation

A set of each of the books for each year group costs about £25. If any parent/carer would like to purchase a set for the school, please contact Mrs Fenton

Mrs Jill Fenton, Cheney School Librarian

Ms Phoebe Mortimer, KS3 English Lead. 

Cheney School Ofsted Inspection report, September 2023:

"The school places a high priority on reading. Pupils who need additional help catch up well because staff identify gaps and target support precisely. Most pupils read increasingly widely and confidently....Many pupils who were previously reluctant readers are now enthusiastic about books, including a number of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds."

Cheney Library plays a central role in the life of the school and is a vibrant, friendly facility that enhances and supports learning across the curriculum. It also offers a welcoming environment for students who are looking for a place to read, or work quietly or to retreat momentarily from the rigours of the school day.

The Library has over 9,000 books and online resources, a total which is constantly growing and evolving. We offer a diverse range of fiction, nonfiction and graphic novels, and offer computer access. Board games are also available during break times and there is stationery and maths equipment available to buy. 

The full collection of books and resources can be searched and reserved by using the library catalogue. Students can borrow up to three books at a time for two weeks in years 7 and 8 and for three weeks for older students. Up to date reading news and reading lists can be found on the library app.

“You have extended my love of books and know exactly what books I will like”


The library is staffed by a full time experienced librarian alongside a team of student librarians and other Cheney staff.

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 8am - 5pm for year 9+

Monday to Thursday 8am - 4.15pm for years 7 and 8

Friday 8am - 3.30pm for all students.

Student Librarians

Student librarians are appointed during the autumn term each year for students from year 8 and above. They follow a rigorous application process and once appointed work behind the desk on a rota. They are rewarded with house points as well as taking part in book buying and other library activities. This is a fun and educational position and they play an important role within the library.

Library Lessons

Year 7 students have bi-weekly lessons in the library during which they follow the Accelerated Reader scheme. 

Older students have scheduled access to the library for supported reading lessons each term. The library also holds research lessons on specific strands of study from throughout the curriculum.

Reading for pleasure 

Every student is expected to have a reading book with them at all times. There are a wide variety of rewards and initiatives to encourage a love of reading and students are encouraged to write reviews on books they read to gain house points.

“The library is my favourite place in the school and it has some interesting books, some of which have become my favourites”