Senior Leadership Team

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Rob Pavey - Head Teacher

Cheney is a wonderful place to work, with excellent colleagues, independent-minded students and a very diverse community around it, and it is a very great pleasure to be the headteacher. In my previous roles, I worked in a very wide range of schools, State and independent, boarding and day; most recently, I was Vice Principal of Kensington Aldridge Academy in West London, and before that, I was Head of Sixth Form at Magdalen College School. I therefore have very recent experience of helping young people from the widest possible range of backgrounds to achieve their full potential. Before becoming a teacher, I had a career as an infantry officer in the British Army, and running a mine clearance programme in Afghanistan.

Hugh Nelson
Hugh Nelson - Deputy Head

I have been teaching since 1994 and at Cheney School since 2008.  I love working in a city comprehensive because no two days are the same. Previously I taught at Waddesdon School near Aylesbury and Wexham School in Slough.  Although my specialism is History, I am passionate about teaching and learning in general.   I believe that every student has the capacity to learn and achieve much more than they ever thought possible.  As important as qualifications are; I think it is even more important that schools work with students to become compassionate and caring individuals who do their best to be good people and support those around them.  If we think about it; we don’t really worry what grades our neighbours have, but we do want them to be good people to live next to.

Louise Marsh
Louise Marsh - Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning)

I'm delighted to be welcoming you to Cheney School as Deputy Head leading Teaching and Learning.  Like many of our staff, I was drawn to Cheney by its diversity and have now spent nine years here, enjoying it too much to leave!  After studying English Literature at university, I worked in legal and educational publishing in London before deciding on a career change and achieving my long-held ambition to become an English teacher.  I then taught in London and elsewhere in Oxford and have held other roles including being responsible for teacher training and for whole school literacy. I live locally and am absolutely dedicated to ensuring our students and staff have a positive and productive experience as parts of our community.

Charlotte Broom
Charlotte Broom - Deputy Head (Behaviour)

I joined Cheney in 2017 after having worked in several local Oxford schools as the Head of English; it is the diversity of the Cheney school community that makes me jump out of bed every day, excited to come to school. Despite a traditional academic career route, I am excited to have transitioned to the pastoral side of the school. I work closely with the Year Teams, focussing on how we can support students in making excellent progress across all of their subjects. In addition to that, I hope to remain being a source of uncool enthusiasm across the school.

Louise Elias - Assistant Head (Inclusion)

I moved to Cheney School in 2011 as the Head of Science, having previously taught Science in schools in Hampshire and Dorset. In 2018 I joined the Senior Leadership Team as the Assistant Headteacher responsible for Inclusion, overseeing Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), Pupil Premium and our enhanced provision in Cheney Plus and School Within a School. I believe in building a community school that meets the needs of its diverse student body, which strives for the very best outcomes for every student, and is enjoyable to attend every day for students and staff alike.

Zoe Hamilton - Assistant Head (Data)

I joined Cheney School as the Assistant Headteacher for Data and Assessment at the start of 2023, coming from an all boys state school in Didcot where I was the Head of Maths. I love the variety that comes from working in schools, no day is ever the same and working with young adults is a real privilege, where you get to see them learn, achieve and grow as people.

Tom Haines - Designated Safeguarding Lead

I joined Cheney in 2018 and have held a range of positions within the pastoral team, supporting our young people to achieve their very best by promoting their achievement, wellbeing and success. In 2022 I joined the Senior Leadership Team as the school's Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). I have overall responsibility for safeguarding and well-being across the whole school, ensuring that all of our young people are safe, that we prevent and protect them from harm and their wellbeing is put at the forefront of everything that we do. In addition to being the DSL, I am also the Designated Teacher for Children We Care For, supporting all of our young people who are in care, and I also oversee other areas of student welfare including mental health and young carers.

Robert Bown - Associate Member of the Senior Leadership Team

I began my teaching career in Bedfordshire and then moved to Oxford and taught for two years at Matthew Arnold before moving to Cheney in 2009. Cheney is my local school and my children are in years 10 and 11. I love teaching at Cheney. There are certain values that are reflected in the way we are structured. We are inclusive — there for everybody in the local community. We respect diversity — we are as diverse as the local population. We are egalitarian — all students receive equality of support and challenge regardless of their wealth. All students are encouraged to strive to be the best they can — regardless of their ability and attitude to learning. Cheney school is a true comprehensive — it’s a little snapshot of England. I am a languages teacher and I oversee the induction of our newly qualified and trainee teachers. I am also senior link for humanities, creative arts, PSHE and citizenship. I am passionate about Cheney as a school which not only helps students get excellent qualifications, but also prepares them to reach their potential as good citizens, good employees and good parents.

Emma Hart - Associate member of SLT / Head of PE / Head of transition

I have been teaching at Cheney School since 2000 and absolutely love my job. As an associate member of SLT, I am Head of PE with additional responsibility for transition into Year 7. I am passionate about every student fulfilling their potential and ambitions. I work closely with the students, teachers and community to ensure that as many extra curricular opportunities as possible are available.