Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

Cheney School provides a curriculum which offers a range of academic opportunities for our students.  We recognise that every student is unique and has different talents and we aim to provide opportunities to develop these so they reach their full potential.

We offer a range of GCSE, A Level and selected applied courses including BTECs and OCR Nationals. We review our curriculum each year and develop new opportunities for our students when possible and appropriate.

The essential skills of literacy and numeracy as well as listening, questioning and speaking are developed not only in the core subjects of English and Mathematics but also in all lessons across the curriculum.

We are committed to offering excellence in teaching and learning, so that every student can learn and develop.  We have specialist learning support and help for those students who speak English as an additional language in order to make this possible.

Please contact Mrs Marsh, Deputy Head, with any queries about the curriculum or Ms Hackett, Head of Sixth Form, with any questions about the Sixth Form curriculum.