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Safeguarding Policies

Safeguarding: Anti-Bullying Policy
Safeguarding: Attendance Policy
Safeguarding: Automated External Defibrillator Policy
Safeguarding: Drugs Policy
Safeguarding: e-Safety Policy
Safeguarding: Medical Policy
Safeguarding: Missing Person Policy
Safeguarding: Policy on Use of Photos and Videos
Safeguarding: Positive Handling Policy
Safeguarding: Safeguarding Policy

Behaviour Policies

CSAT Behaviour: Exclusion Policy
Behaviour: Respect for Learning Policy

Teaching and Learning Policies

Teaching and Learning: Accessibility Policy and Plan
Teaching and Learning: Sex and Relationship Education Policy
Teaching and Learning: SEND Policy
Teaching and Learning: Home School Agreement
Teaching and Learning: Marking Policy

Equalities, Administration and HR Policies

CSAT Administration: Complaints and Concerns Policy
CSAT Administration: Complaints Policy and Procedure (amended for closure due to COVID-19)
CSAT Administration: Confidentiality Policy
CSAT Administration: Data Breach Policy
CSAT Administration: Data Protection Policy
CSAT Administration: Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
CSAT Administration: Management and Retention of Record Policy
CSAT Administration: Racial Equality Policy
CSAT Administration: Religion and Belief Equality Policy
CSAT Administration: Single Equality Scheme
CSAT Administration: Whistleblowing Policy

Finance Policies

CSAT Finance: Charging and Remission Policy
Pecuniary interest of accounting officer
CSAT Funding Agreement

^For Audited Accounts & Gender Pay Gap Information, see the CSAT website

BTEC Policies

BTEC: Appeals and Complaints Policy
BTEC: Assessment Policy
BTEC: Blended Learning Policy
BTEC: Internal Verification Policy
BTEC: Plagiarism and Assessment Malpractice Policy
BTEC: Registration and Certification of Learners Policy

Premises and Lettings Policies

CSAT Premises: Health and Safety Policy
Premises: Premises and Letting Policy

Other Policies

CSAT School Dog Policy
CSAT School Dog risk assessment