Policies determined and ratified by RLT Board

RLT Charging and Remission Policy
RLT: Complaints Policy
RLT: Data Protection Policy
RLT : Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
RLT: Gender Pay Gap Information
RLT: Scheme of Delegation for Schools
RLT: Whistleblowing Policy
RLT: Statutory Accounts

Cheney School Policies

Admissions Policies

Cheney School Year 7 -11 Admissions Arrangements 2024 - 2025

Safeguarding Policies

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (awaiting ratification)
Attendance Policy
First Aid Policy
Medical Policy

Behaviour Policies

Cheney School Positive Handling and Physical Restraint Policy
Cheney School Respect for Learning Policy (including Behaviour and Exclusions)

Teaching and Learning Policies

Careers Provision Policy
Cheney School Charging and Remissions Policy
Cheney Provider Access Policy
Teaching and Learning Handbook
Teaching and Learning: Accessibility Policy and Plan
Teaching and Learning: SEND Policy
Teaching and Learning: Marking Policy

Exam Policies

Please contact the Exams Officer if you wish to view any of our Exam policies.

Equalities, Administration and HR Policies

Data Protection Policy
ECT Induction Policy
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Management and Retention of Record Policy
Privacy Notice - Staff
Privacy Notice - Pupils
Privacy Notice - Parents


BTEC Policies

BTEC: Appeals and Complaints Policy
BTEC: Assessment Policy
BTEC: Blended Learning Policy
BTEC: Internal Verification Policy
BTEC: Plagiarism and Assessment Malpractice Policy
BTEC: Registration and Certification of Learners Policy

Premises and Lettings Policies

RLT Health and Safety Policy

Other Policies

Cheney School Dog Policy
Cheney School Dog risk assessment 

Please contact the school office for a copy of a policy which does not appear on the website