"Governors share your ambition that all pupils should be provided with a high quality educational experience" - Ofsted 2018


Cheney School has a Local Governing Body, chaired by Mr Richard Stamper, which is responsible for ensuring that the Cheney School is conducted in accordance with its ethos and values, overseeing the appointment and professional development of staff and setting and reviewing the school’s curriculum.

If you would like to contact the Chair please write to the Clerk to Governors at Cheney School, Cheney Lane, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7QH or email ash@cheney.oxon.sch.uk

There is also a Finance and Resources Committee which supports the Local Governing Body and Trustees in the management of school resources, considering and reviewing in detail school funding, expenditure and budget planning. The Committee refers major decisions to, and where appropriate, offers advice and recommendations to the Local Governing Body and Board of Trustees. The Academy Trust also has a Pay and Audit Committee that reviews decisions relating to pay progression.

If you interested in joining the Governing Body please contact Ms Shepherd, Clerk to the Governors, at ash@cheney.oxon.sch.uk for further information.

The Scheme of Delegation for Cheney School

Please see below important documents relating to Community Schools Alliance Trust:

CSAT Accounts 16/17

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Master funding agreement - P1 to P41


Miss Shepherd

E-mail: ASH@cheney.oxon.sch.uk 

Name Governor Committee Membership Responsibility Office 15/16 Meetings Attended
Mr Andrew Allison Community Governor Finance and Resources Committee Chair of Finance and Resources Committee 09/03/2015 – 09/03/2019 7 out of 9
Mrs Brid Eve Community Governor Finance and Resources Committee 09/05/2016-09/05/2020 2 out of 2
Mr Thomas Gardiner Community Governor 15/10/2016-14/10/2016 N/A
Dr Richard Josephy Community Governor Vice Chair of Cheney School Local Governing Body 01/09/2015-01/09/2019 7 out of 9
Mr Richard Stamper Parent Governor Finance and Resources Committee Chair of Cheney School Local Governing Body 15/04/2013 – 15/04/2017 9 out of 9
Ms Marie-Anne Fischer Staff Governor Finance and Resources Committee 07/09/2015 –


7 out of 9
Miss Judy Gleen Staff Governor 17/10/2016-16/10/2016 N/a
Mrs Jolie Kirby Staff Governor Ex officio 8 out of 9
Mr Rupert Moreton Staff Governor Ex officio
Mrs Karen Fogden Parent Governor 04/10/2017-


Mrs Mayte Siswick Parent Governor 04/10/2017-


Mr Paul Davies Community Governor 04/10/2017-


Mr Joe Ewen Staff Governor 11/03/2013 – 11/03/2017 8 out of 9
Mr Bill Asquith Community Governors Finance and Resources Committee 07/10/2016-31/08/2017 N/A
Mr John Chadfield Community Governor 12/05/2016-12/05/2020 1 out of 2
Mrs Lucie Garland Community Governor 30/11/2011 – 30/11/2016 4 out of 9
Mr Steven Czajewski Parent Governor 01/11/2013 – 01/11/2017 3 out of 9
Ms Kristina Masih Parent Governor 12/01/2015 – 12/01/2019 3 out of 9