Our aims for school uniform at Cheney Shool are:
  • All pupils at Cheney School identify with the school by being proud to wear the school uniform.
  • Parents support the wearing of school uniform.
  • The local community recognises our pupils.
  • Students develop a sense of pride in the school and professionalism to prepare them for the world of work.
Benefits of have a school uniform are:
  • The differences between pupils are reduced, which in turn reduces some of the causes of isolation and bullying
  • Self esteem of particular groups of pupils may be improved
  • Security is improved - it's easy to spot who does and does not belong to the school community
  • Pupils feel a stronger sense of belonging and commitment to the school
  • It improves the image of the school in the local community
  • It creates  sense of purpose within the school environment

Cheney School Uniform Price List, 2021

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Please note - we do allow students to wear shorts in the summer months.