PE Uniform October 21
Our aims for school uniform at Cheney Shool are:
  • All pupils at Cheney School identify with the school by being proud to wear the school uniform.
  • Parents support the wearing of school uniform.
  • The local community recognises our pupils.
  • Students develop a sense of pride in the school and professionalism to prepare them for the world of work.
Benefits of have a school uniform are:
  • The differences between pupils are reduced, which in turn reduces some of the causes of isolation and bullying
  • Self esteem of particular groups of pupils may be improved
  • Security is improved - it's easy to spot who does and does not belong to the school community
  • Pupils feel a stronger sense of belonging and commitment to the school
  • It improves the image of the school in the local community
  • It creates  sense of purpose within the school environment
Our uniform supplier is Stevenson's:

Stevensons website

Cheney School Uniform Price List, 2021

Stevensons - how to  buy guide

We allow students to wear shorts in the summer months. During hot weather students will be informed whether blazers are optional each morning when entering the school gate.

The Halo Code

Your hair is an important part of your identity and expression, and we would like to support all of our students in wearing hairstyles that are important to them. We are proud to be a school that adopts and supports the Halo code. We are really happy to support any student who wishes to come to school with a hairstyle that is suitable and appropriate for school as part of their expression of identity. Extreme hairstyles or hairstyles that are unsafe, remain inappropriate for school (for example, long hair that is not tied up for a practical lesson, or an offensive word shaved into hair). Students who choose to wear a head covering are to wear one that is black, as per the school uniform.

halo code