The MOMO App

Following the recent concerns around an inappropriate app called MOMO we would like to refer parent/carers to the following links for support and advice:

If parents/carers have concerns please contact any member of the safeguarding or pastoral team. Additionally please make yourself aware of what your child is engaging with on social media and YouTube at this time and also be aware of what apps they have downloaded onto their phones.

As a school, we are totally committed to ensuring our school community is a safe place to learn and work in.  We consider the health, safety and well being of students at Cheney School of the utmost importance. The governing body of the school complies with section 175 of the Education Act 2002, 'to safeguard and promote the welfare of children'.

In order to ensure this, we have developed thorough services, policies and procedures within the school and maintain all staff are regularly trained on current practices.  To visit our Bullying page, click here.

We have a number of specialist staff who work to support our students by providing excellent pastoral care.  These include our year teams as well as the school counsellor and school nurse.

Useful numbers outside school hours:

The Safeguarding Officers are all Pastoral Leaders as well as:

Where appropriate, we liaise with other schools and outside agencies to ensure that all students are supported as comprehensively as possible, and that student's well being is taken into full account.

How you can help a grieving child

How to deal with pornography - tips for parents

Water Safety Guidance


We're pleased to be able to offer useful resources for families and young people in relation to Self Harming through this website