Rumble Museum

The Rumble Museum at Cheney is a unique partnership between an educational charity and a school. The Iris Project, a charity which promotes learning about the ancient world, is working with Cheney School to grow a museum within a school. We are working within the Arts Council Museum Accreditation Scheme.

The Museum is spread across various areas of the school, and features original and replica artefacts from a range of eras. At the moment, our largest collection is of Greek and Roman items, which are housed in our Classics Centre and in the Library. We also have growing collections of World War One and Two artefacts, and History of Medicine items.

The Museum is named after Jamie Rumble, a young man who devoted his life to improving the lives of young people.

We run a wide range of projects, workshops, lectures and events both for the school and the wider community. Students are able to become student curators, which enables them to work closely with the museum in a range of exciting ways, including object collection and care, as well as displays and outreach.

To find out more about the museum and its collections, please visit and read our brochure here

The founder and director of the Rumble Museum is Dr Lorna Robinson. She can be contacted on