Yr 7 French                         Expo 1 textbook

Yr 8 French                         Expo 2 textbook

Yr 9 – 11 French                GCSE AQA French Kerboodle

Yrs 12-13 French              A level Edexcel – Hodder Education textbook, Grammar Workbook

Yr 8 Spanish                        Mira textbook

Yr 9 – 11 Spanish              GCSE AQA Spanish Kerboodle

Yrs 12-13 Spanish             A level Edexcel – Hodder Education, Grammar Workbook,

Yr 8 German                       Logo textbook

Yr 9 – 11 German             GCSE AQA German Kerboodle

Yrs 12-13 German            A level Edexcel – Hodder Education, Grammar Workbook


We do encourage all our students from Yr 7 to Yr 13 to have a bilingual dictionary in the language they are studying.

Website to use to improve your vocabulary skills at any level: www.memrise.com