Latest Ofsted Inspection Report published

“The school is proud of its diverse community. Its vision is aspirational for all pupils, both academically and in terms of their personal development.”

This is the opening paragraph of the Ofsted Inspection report for Cheney School which was inspected 3 weeks into the start of term, in September 2023.

The report continues:

“It has successfully created a vibrant and inclusive culture. At the heart of this are the positive and respectful relationships between pupils and staff and high standards of behaviour in lessons and around the site. Parents and carers are very positive about the school. They particularly like its caring and supportive ethos, but also that staff aim high for their pupils.”

This is the first inspection of the school since the COVID-19 pandemic and since Mr Pavey has been Headteacher, joining the school in September 2020. Mr Pavey is delighted that the Inspectors saw how the school performs consistently well as a result of the clear routines and systems established. He says:

“It is the feedback from the inspectors that ‘it seems to be a school where people genuinely like each other’ which I like the most, as it is what everything else flows from”.

The report details that,

“Pupils and staff appreciate the improvements in behaviour over recent years. Pupils feel listened to and trust staff to deal with any concerns effectively. They feel happy and safe at school.

Curriculum “content is relevant and goes beyond preparing pupils for examinations alone. For example, the curriculum helps pupils make connections to the wider world effectively through themes such as sustainability, diversity and empire.”

“Pupils are keen to learn, and most are successful. This includes pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Furthermore, almost all make positive transitions to the next phase of their education or training”.

It is not just the pupils who benefit from a Cheney education: 

“Trustees and school leaders have created a positive and supportive workplace. Staff appreciate this and are very proud to work at the school.”

You can read the Ofsted Inspection report in full here.