Revising for exams is a busy time for students, we have put together a list of useful links and resources that will help aid your learning and support you with exam preparation.

  • We have created a useful Revision Guide that contains all the key information including past papers, useful revision tips and advice.


The Maths blog has been set up by the Cheney Maths department as a central hub for students to find past papers and extra revision resources, alongside information on how to revise effectively.


The English blog  is regularly updated with useful revision tips and advice.


Y11 - Cheney Science key info

  • This link is to a GoogleDrive folder containing everything you need:
    • Revision checklists
    • Past paper questions by topic
    • Revision mats for every topic
    • Knowledge quizzes – more being added all the time
    • The AQA GCSE science specifications
    • Information given out at Parent Information Evenings
  • Educake – you should be doing all the quizzes you have been set.
    • Ask your teacher if you lose your username or forget your password.
    • You can also set yourself a quiz on any topic you like.
    • Students who complete more quizzes, get higher grades.
  • Seneca Learning – sign up and find the AQA GCSE topics that match what you are doing.
    • The more you use the site, the better it gets to know you. Questions become tailored to you.
    • Students that use it more, get higher grades.
  • Quizlet – for finding and making online flashcards.
  • Revision guides and flashcards are available from the school shop.


For Humanities and all other subjects, BBC Bitesize is a great resource.

Creative Arts

Drama recommend this link for all revision purposes.

Art -


Modern Foreign Languages have a range of links they recommend to help with revision.

For the Reading and Listening skills, Vocabulary is essential. Please go over all the key vocab for all topics. 10 minutes a day can be achieved by everyone and will make a huge difference.

For the writing skills, go over your speaking answers as you can always recycle them in your writing. Here Tenses and Accuracy are crucial. So go over the verb tables.


Please check back here regularly in the run-up to your exams for lots of useful resources and practical help for preparing for your GCSEs:

Revision Techniques table - different ways to revise 

How to Revise

Homework and Revision Plan

Help! How do I revise?

Revision Techniques