Year 10 motto -"Try your best; accept others; never give up"


Ms Lucy Jackson -

Telephone – 01865 755278


Ms Molly Yalci -

Telephone - 01865 755272

The Year 10 Team are based in John Brookes.

The Year 10 Student Leadership link is Isaac Jackson:

Reporting Absence - Please note:  Year Teams are not able to record your child’s absence. In order to report your child as absent you must contact Attendance as early as possible using the online form at: Cheney School Student Absence, by emailing at: or by calling and leaving a message at: 01865 765726 - Option 1

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Cheney Book Canon - Year 10 Choice

The Boxer by Nikesh Shukla


Told over the course of the ten rounds of his first fight, this is the story of amateur boxer Sunny. A seventeen year old feeling isolated and disconnected in the city he's just moved to, Sunny joins a boxing club to learn to protect himself after a racist attack. He finds the community he's been desperately seeking at the club, and a mentor in trainer Shobu, who helps him find his place in the world. But racial tensions are rising in the city, and when a Far Right march through Bristol turns violent, Sunny is faced with losing his new best friend Keir to radicalisation.

A gripping, life-affirming YA novel about friendship, radicalisation and finding where you belong.